Article Wan breaks silence on ‘juju’ allegations

Article Wan breaks silence on ‘juju’ allegations.

Ghanaian musician Article Wan has addressed allegations that he used ‘juju’ to achieve success in the music industry.

The Ghanaian musician, known for hits like “Solo” and “That Thing,” revealed that after releasing his song “Ngege,” which quickly gained popularity in 2016, speculation arose that he had employed supernatural means for his success.

He clarified that his achievements were a result of manifestation and belief in his talents rather than any mystical practices.

Article Wan explained that prior to releasing the song, he had been confident and vocal about its potential to become a hit.

True to his words, he became famous just a week after he released the song, leading to the wild speculations.

He remarked that the song’s success was a result of faith and positive thinking, although at a point he felt the song had no direction and lyrical sense.

The artist expressed no ill will towards those who doubted him, instead wishing them well and hoping they too experience success and recognize the blessings of God.

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Article Wan added that he is committed to elevating his music career, acknowledging that he is not yet at his peak but is patient for future achievements.

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