China Tops Ghana’s Imports In 2023 With GHC33.9bn Value

With GHC 33.9 billion in imports in 2023 compared to GHC 26.4 billion in 2022, China continues to be Ghana’s main supplier of goods.

Iron and steel, autos and auto parts, chemicals, machinery, and electrical equipment were among the goods Ghana primarily imported from China in the previous year.

The Ghana Statistical Service’s Ghana 2023 Trade Report is the source of this data.

China kept a 22.5% share last year, down slightly from 23.2% in 2022, according to the Trade Report.

The United Kingdom was displaced as the top five contributor by the Russian Federation, whose imports were mostly made up of mineral fuels and oils.

The Netherlands continued to be a major role, as Ghana imported GHC 17.3 billion worth of oils and mineral fuels.

The United States of America (USA) and India have switched places in the list of import sources; the USA is now comfortably ranked fifth at GHC 10.9 billion, while India is now the fourth-largest import source at GHC 11.7 billion.

More than one-third of all imports were made up of ten products.

Products Imported

In descending order of import value, the products included diesel automotive gas oil, valued at GHC 27.1 bullion; light oils, motor spirit, and super, totaling GHC 22.3 billion; cement clinkers, valued at GHC 3.2 billion; and medium oils, kerosene, and jet type fuels, valued at GHC 2.8 billion.

Other notable imports included cereal grains worth GHC 2.7 billion, second-hand vehicles (1500cc to 3000cc) at GHC 2.5 billion, and herbicides and plant growth regulators totaling GHC 2.3 billion. Additionally, self-propelled bulldozers made up GHC 2.3 billion, semi-milled or wholly milled rice over 5kg or in bulk at GHC 2.0 billion, and shea nuts at GHC 2.0 billion.

The highest import was diesel-automotive gas oil at GHC 27.1 billion, followed by light oils and motor spirit at GHC 22.3 billion.

Most imports arrived by sea (89.1%), with road transport at 6.1% and air transport at 4.7%.

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