Ghana To Start Building First Manganese Refinery In August

August of this year will see the start of building on Ghana’s first manganese refinery, according to Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Samuel Abu Jinapor.

This big project will be carried out by Ghana Manganese business’s (GMC) parent business, Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry Group Company Limited.

Being Ghana’s first refinery dedicated to manganese refining, its establishment represents a significant milestone.

This project will significantly boost the value of Ghana’s manganese resources, strengthening its global market position.

Mr. Jinapor announced this at the opening of the 17th West African Mining and Power Conference and Exhibition (WAMPOC/WAMPEX) on June 5th in Accra. The event brought together industry leaders to discuss mining and power sector advancements in West Africa.

He said the refinery project shows the government’s commitment to enhancing the mining sector and using natural resources for economic growth.

The minister said:

“And to ensure that Ghanaians, who are, by our national Constitution, the owners of our mineral resources, benefit fully from these resources, we are putting in place measures to promote beneficiation and value addition, as well as local content and local participation in the sector.”

“We have, therefore, through a public-private partnership, constructed a 400kg capacity gold refinery to refine the gold we produce, and work on a US$450 million manganese refinery will start in August,”

The Ghana Chamber of Mines President, Michael Edem Akafia, emphasized how successful commercial prospects are facilitated by events such as WAMPOC/WAMPEX.

He mentioned that the conversion rate from prospects to actual deals at these events is 40%.

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