Showboy reveals his greatest regret in life

Showboy reveals his greatest regret in life.

Musician Showboy has opened up about his greatest regret in life, which centers around his deportation from the United States.

This unfortunate situation, he said, has separated him from his family who reside there.

Showboy was sentenced to serve six years in prison in March 2019 for stabbing Junior US, a US based Ghanaian musician during a tussle.

Four years into his sentence, he was released for good behavior and deported to Ghana.

Showboy is currently on a nine-year probation, which complicates any attempts to reapply for entry into the U.S.

He remains hopeful that good behavior might eventually allow him to navigate the travel process again.

Showboy urged young people who are fortunate enough to live in the United States to value and maintain their status.

He tipped that it is important to building credit, engaging in legal work, and avoiding fraudulent or unlawful activities.

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Showboy advised against sacrificing the comfort and opportunities available in the U.S. for a life in Ghana, highlighting the benefits of adhering to the law to ensure a successful and enjoyable stay in America.

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